Blockchain Weekly – February 28th, 2020

Blockchain Weekly features short summaries of the five biggest headlines from the world of blockchain.

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Canada is working on a CBDC (just in case) [Ledger Insights]

Based on a speech from Bank of Canada’s Deputy Governor and a paper released on Tuesday, Canada is exploring the creation of a CBDC. The Bank of Canada “will build the capacity to issue a retail, cash-like CBDC should the need to implement one ever arise.” The implication here is that should Canada feel threatened by the emergency of a digital dollar out of the US, they will be prepared to issue their own CBDC.

HR giant Randstad looking to automate recruitment processes with blockchain [Coindesk]

The world’s largest human resources firm has announced that it is using the smart contract blockchain platform Cypherium to automate recruitment processes. They aim to quickly and securely verify candidate qualifications and credentials without giving up candidate privacy.

Shopify and prime brokerage Tagomi Systems join Libra Association [Coindesk]

Tagomi Systems, which was rumored to be in acquisition talks with Coinbase in November, has joined the Libra Association. This follows news from last Friday that ecommerce platform Shopify has also joined, bringing the total to membership to 22.

KLM working on Corda-based accounting system with [Ledger Insights], a Dutch blockchain implementation and deployment studio, is working with KLM Digital Studio on a system for inter-company payments between KLM and its various subsidiaries. The system is built on R3’s Corda enterprise blockchain network.

Challenger Bank Revolut raises massive $500million Series D [Coindesk]

Revolut, which allows its customers to buy and send cryptocurrencies between accounts, is now valued at $5.5billion after its latest injection of cash. The funding round, which was led by TCV, will allow Revolut to expand across Europe and work towards profitability.

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